2021 days closed for these holiday
1 January
4-6 March Michigan Beekeepers Conference
4 April Easter
31 May Memorial Day
7 August Michigan Honey Festival
6 September Labor Day
25 November Thanks Giving day
24-25 December Christmas

Please Note we may need to add days as the bees demand.

Creamed Honey 
        10 Ounce Jar     $12.00

Honey: (By Weight)
            Apiary Honey (By Location)

We are up grading our site. It may go up and down through this process. Hopefully this will be done by end of June. Pleas be patient with us. 

Please beware we will be closed 22-25 May. We need to tend to our bees and will not be available

Education: Pollinator Classes, Beekeeping Mentorship and More. (hopefully in 2022) To Be Announced
Donations/ Sponsorship:
            How you can help us? Many have asked. We are working on a program to help this through. In the meantime contact us kusarfarm@gmail.com​

​​Professional Services:

              Swarm Catching
                        If you have a swarm you would like removed call us. We will come out and look at it. If it is not honeybees we will not touch them. We will let you know what they are. Honey bees we will gather and give them a home in one of apiaries. You can look on Michigan Beekeepers site (https://www.michiganbees.org/) for their swarm removal map, for the closet beekeeper.

            Pollination: (hopefully in 2022)
                  Queen Bees (hopefully in 2021)
                  Nucs: (hopefully in 2022)

An Organic Farm

Picture Coming Soon

Opening  Closing  Temporary (Seasonal) Hours   
Monday 8:00 am8:00 pm

8:00 am
8:00 pm

8:00 am
8:00 pm

8:00 am
8:00 pm

Friday8:00 am
6:00 pm

Saturday8:00 am
6:00 pm

Sunday10:00am 5:00 pmClosed until 1 May

Our Products   

A Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated, Woman Led & Michigan Grown Farm
Kusar Farms LLC is a small scale sustainable apiary located in beautiful Michigan.

More Flavors to be added in 2021 for both Infused Honeys and Creamed Honeys.

We will now ship. For most, the delivery fee will be under $8.00.
We will tell you the delivery fee before shipping for your approval.
We are unable to do online sales at this. 
We except payment via PayPal, Zelle Pay, and Cash app. 
Checks are accepted, Order won’t be shipped until check received.
Fastest way to contact us for details is email kusarfarm@gmail.com 
Or Call (989) 403-8110

  Infused Honey 
            8 Ounce Jar     $10.00
                        Rosemary                                                              Pumpkin Spice                                                     
 Lemon Ginger

            We have had many questions concerning why we separate our honey by apiary. There are differences in color and taste and smell. This difference is due to what is blooming at the time the bees collect it. Spring flowers taste different then summer flowers which is different than fall flowers.  Our apiaries are far enough apart they get different flowers. Honey is like wine each year taste different. All depends on Mother Nature. Honey even taste different from hive to hive. That is to complicated to sort out. Would be like asking the vineyard to sort fruit by the plant not just the field. As we learn more about flowers and flavors we will add this the description. Our personal favorite is fall honey (Goldenrod). It has a deeper richer taste, darker in color, smells earthier. If you are unsure which one you want, ask, we will do our best to help.

Picture Coming Soon

Propolis: Limited Supply

                 $10.00 per Ounce

                 Out Of Stock Until Next Season

20 ounce Jars: $19.00
               Mason/Holt Apiary
               Fowler Apiary  

 Pollen: Limited Supply
              $25.00 per Ounce
             Out Of Stock Until Next Season

 Chunky Honey
             16+ ounce Jars: $16.00

Kusar Farms LLC

 Cut Comb
           Size Varies: $1.00 per ounce

Royal Jelly: ​Limited Supply
            10 gram Vial: $50.00
 Out Of Stock Until Next Season

 Other Hive Products Offered Through M.T. Fields LLC

Bulk Orders Welcome
15 Pound Minimum
No Specialty Honeys included
Please Contact Us (989) 403-8110     or e-mail: kusarfarm@gmail.com

            We are unable to take online orders at this time.
 This will change in June 2021. Please call us (989-403-8110 ) or email us (kusarfarm@gmail.com).

            Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience.

Marie and Tom

Party Favors
1.5 oz Jars    Starting $1.50 Each                           Great for wedding favors or other small gift giving. Starting at $1.50 each. You want us to embellish for you $2.00 plus each (depends on how much you need us to do)
​​. Excludes Cut comb and Chunky Honey.

10 ounce Jars: $10.00
               Mason/Holt Apiary
               Fowler Apiary                                            

Coming Soon,

Next Few Years 

            Varietal Honey (hopefully in 2021) 
                     List of Hopefuls

                        Golden Rod


Fruit Preservers:
Fresh and Dried