​​​​Calendar of Events and Happenings


             Honey Fest, cancelled because of Covid 19
            7 August Honey Pull, Thank you David Storm for your Help
            8 August Honey Extraction. Thank you Matt Kusar and family for all your Help
            14 August Picked up New Bottles
            15 August Bottled and Labeled Honey
            16 August HONEY FOR SALE
                        20oz Bottles
                        10 oz Bottles
                        16+ oz Chunky Honey
                        Cut Comb (sizes vary)
                        Cream Honey (Coming Soon)
                        Infused Honey

​              27 August Got our Homegrown by Heroes sign from FVC. YEAH!!!!!

​​  We have not figured out how to turn the pictures in this program. Some are on their side. Sorry As soon as we figure it out we will correct them. 


The Unexpected Beekeepers
What is going on right now.



            Looking like a fall harvest coming our way. Come on Golderod.
            Suggestion of Pumpkin Spice infused honey, HUMMMM, small batch
            Adding to inventory FALL HONEY FOR SALE:
                        Fall Mason/Holt or Fowler Apiary
                                    20 oz Bottles
                                    10 oz Bottles
                        10 oz Cream Honey
                        8 oz Infused Honey
                                    Pumpkin Spice
                                    Lemon Ginger


Kusar Farms' Newsletter

Kusar Farms LLC


Hive Decorating Party: Because of all the craziness happing at this time this year will be by invite only. Sorry to dissappoint. We have so much fum sharing with you. 

A Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated, Woman Lead & Michigan Grown Farm
Kusar Farms LLC is a small scale sustainable apiary located in beautiful Michigan.

            The season to do splits is on us
            Shallows for cut comb Started
            Sooo, many classes cancelled because of Corona Virus

            All of our market Evens have been cancelled, Looking for others
            April Swarm removal did not make it. Cluster was to small
            Second Swarm Caught, did not make it. Did we get the queen?
            Third Swarm, This one is huge. Why did she leave?


An Organic Farm

             10 October: Another 260 pounds of Honey,
                        Fall flavor, Darker Richer, Golden Rod Yummy
            Winter prep has started,
                        Condensed the hives down to their winter size, encouraging them to fill those frames with food
                        Had a frost will do some mass feeding to help them out,
                                    This also helps keep robbing down a bit as well

            Looks like we are going to have a great harvest
            Working on pollen collection for next year
            18 July: Double Nuc Workshop, We will start this next year, Learned a lot. Thank you Nick
            26 July: Finish Royal Jelly Production class, Start production next year.
                                     Going to start taking orders in February.
                        We have a limited amount of Cut Comb available
                                    This is our first attempt, it’s not pretty but it is yummy
                        We also have Chunky Honey, Creamed Honey and will be attempting infused honey


            Got 3 new queens. Still have 3 hives queenless. We thought. 2 were queenless, put a new queen in them. Found a new queen in the other, so made a split. New Hive.
            Royal Jelly Production Class. Learning to make own queen cells, Took four tries but finally got them to except four of my grafts, using that royal jelly to prime next batch.
            Royal Jelly soon to be available
Queen Rearing Classs soon