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Fresh Honey
            On average, the food we eat today travels an average of 1500 miles from farm to fork! This can be reduced dramatically a number of ways, including making informed choices at the grocery store, growing some of our own food, joining a CSA, or going to the farmer’s market.
            CSA’s or Community Supported Agriculture have become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food directly from the farmer. These farms operate by offering a preloaded bag or box of fresh produce, sometimes picked just hours before, to the public each season for a seasonal fee.
            The benefit to the consumer is obvious. Locally grown, organic produce is fresher and healthier because it travels a shorter distance from farm to table with little nutritional loss. The environment also benefits from less pollution by chemical fertilizers and pesticides and far fewer vehicle emissions.
            And the farmer benefits as well. Knowing what and how much they need to plant early in the season means they can spend less time marketing and more time in the field managing their land.
What's a CSA?
            CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and indicates a method of marketing whereby clients purchase a share of the produce grown before the season, thereby sharing in the bounty and realities of the season. For the clients - known as ‘'members’ - it provides a truly delicious and remarkable food experience.
            In the case of Kusar Farms LLC.’s, CSA, we are currently offering Honey C.S.A.s only
                        While every season is different depending on the weather and myriad other factors, our goal is to provide you with best value possible -- more often than not, the value of our CSA share is greater than if you were to buy the same honey at farmer's market prices.
            But there is a factor of ‘shared risk’ involved. Sometimes the growing season isn’t as kind and unforeseen disasters can take place, such as the tornado weather that does not encourage the right flower too bloom. If that is too much of an unknown for you, you can purchase our honey at local farmers market and still be supportive.
            Buying and growing food locally is a boost to your local economy as well: by buying from local farmers and growers, and giving our own homegrown food surplus to food banks or shelters, we can be part of a complete community solution.
Who are we?
            We grow our product in a sustainable way. Because of the bees foraging flight is 3 miles in any one direction we cannot certify our honey as organic. This is over 4 million acres surrounding our hives that has to be organic. This is why very little honey is certifiable organic.
            Please visit our website (www.kusarfarms.com) for current and future events. This will also give you access to our other parts of our farm products and other information. We welcome all question, comment and suggestions.
Memberships: (2018 prices)
Full CSA         $ 72.00 each               8 pounds of honey a year
Half CSA        $ 36.00 each                4 pounds of honey a year
Quarter CSA   $ 18.00 each               2 pounds of honey a year
            As a member we will send you a newsletter via your e-mail address.
            There will be two pick up times, you will receive half of your CSA honey at each pick up. These will be determined by the hive. We harvest during a “flow” this is when the bees are producing honey heavily. These flows usually occur twice a year. We let you know via the newsletters.
            You can pick up your honey at the farm or a farmers market we are at (to be announced). Other arrangement can be made, there will be a delivery fee added. Please contact us about this services if you need it. Thank you
           When you pick up your CSA honey at a farmer’s market or at our farm you will also be able to purchase additional produce or even preserves such as jams, jelly, apple sauces, fruit butters and herbs. We are currently looking at farmers markets, none has been chosen as of yet. Sorry
Payment Methods:
            We are in the process of setting up our website to accept payments but have not yet completed it. We can accept credit cards/debit cards over the phone or in person or send us a check. We use Pay Pal and can accept all cards they except. Make checks out to Kusar Farms LCC. We will ask for your address, phone number and email address. This will help us contact you if you need to. Please contact us at: 773-954-0624 (Marie’s cell phone) or kusarfarm@gmail.com. Any questions or concern please contact us.
            We will need some information from you:
            1) Your email address for newsletters about your hive.
            2) Your phone Number
            3) Your physical and mailing address
            4) Signed Acknowledgement of Risk and Rewards. See below

            Your privacy is important to us. Your information will not be sold or shared with any one. Only exception would be court ordered.  Any questions or concern please contact us.

 Acknowledgement of Risk and Rewards to
 2018 CSA Honey Share


            By signing this you are agreeing to the above CSA. Acknowledging that you realize the risk and rewards of this of this agreement. There is a more details explanation in the previous two pages of what to expect.

1) Choose a Share Size
       ​                     Full CSA         $ 72.00 each               8 pounds of honey a year
       ​                    Half CSA        $ 36.00 each                4 pounds of honey a year
       ​                   Quarter CSA   $ 18.00 each                2 pounds of honey a year

​2) Your email address: ​                                                                                               
3) Your phone Number:                                                      ​                                        

4) Your physical and mailing address

I have read and accepted the conditions as stated above.

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Your  signature                                                                                     Date

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Return a signed copy with your payment to:
Kusar Farms LLC
9890 West Hyde Road
Fowler, Michigan 48835
Any questions or concern please contact us.
Please contact us at: 773-954-0624 (Marie’s cell phone) or kusarfarm@gmail.com. 

​We will send you  a copy with our acceptance signature Once all requirements are filled