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All grants were not approved. Try again next year. I like research and these were research grants. Already talking to people in the know on how to improve our chances next year. This would have been a great boost to our apiaries and all that wonderful research.
            MI Beekeeper Association Conference 6-7 March, Learned a lot, Saw a bunch of great people
           8 March Pollen Patty add to each hive

            Finally vehicle/Insurance issues taken care of. Tom had to make 2 agents cry and 2 agents pee themselves, just to get to management. Upper manager of personal cussing about how long her agents have dragged this issue out. Now that is all sorted out meet our NEW employee. Goldy. Hope she is a better employee then Old Blue was

 Getting things cleaned and ready for the year to begin  

(Tom’s favorite new toy he got for Christmas)
More Classes: The more we learn the more we can achieve
            Heroes to Hives
            Queen Rearing
            Over Wintering Nucs
            Royal Jelly Production
            Honey Comb Production

March 2020

The Unexpected Beekeepers,
Year Five  


Heroes to Hives: On Ground classes for April through August have been cancelled because of Covid 19.            

Looking for ways to fill in the gaps. Some of our classes we counted on taking was in that cancelled group.
Royal Jelly Production: Begins on 26 April, on line, Soooooo Excited about this!!!!

January 2020:
We are expecting some big changes this year.
     We are going to re brand our honey. We have new jars pick out, working on new labels.
           A whole new look for us
           New Jars
           New Labels
           Looking into Shipping options
     Varietal Honeys ( Sorry, Maybe next Year)
           Hoping to add varietal honeys (lavender blossoms).
           This type of honey is when bee pollinate a certain crop.
           Because of the winters large loss we are delaying this. Maybe next year
     Infused Honey
           Hoping to add a couple this year
           This type of honey is  not raw like all our others
           We will infuse spices or herb like Cinnamon to flavor this
           This is the only one of our honeys we are adding anything to (just the herb or spice) flavor it
     Honey Comb
           Attempting to produce some this spring.
           This is a learning year for us
           Many of you have asked if we can, We will try
           It’s not pretty but it is yummy
     Creamed Honey
           As with honey comb, Attempting, Learning Year
     Chunky Honey
           Why Not we will have the stuff to make it.
           It’s not pretty but it is yummy
     Queen Bees
           We are taking Queen rearing classes
           The extras we don’t use we can sell
     5 Frame Nucs
           A nuc is a small hive with bees, queen, pollen and nectar
           Splits we can transport to other aperies.
           Increasing our size and production abilities
           As with queens sell any of the extras
           Hoping with the next year or two we can over winter our nucs
     Royal Jelly
           We found a great opportunity and will be taking advantage of it
           May have limited quantities this year, we will keep you informed.
     Pollen Collection: Re configuration 3 (Tom call Mock 3)
           This is to improve our queen rearing and Royal Jelly production
           Some people like it in their tea etc.Type your paragraph here.

 The gentleman teaching me Royal Jelly production is from Bosnia. He is also teaching me how to make my own Queen Cups. Instead of buying plastic ones that are one time use things. The plan is to learn this year and start production and selling next year. This is so fascinating, very labor intensive. The value added is so worth it. Thinking we will do ten hives in royal jelly production. Thing to remember these hives will not be producing honey

August 2020
           Honey Fest, cancelled because of Covid 19. All the Markets we take our honey to are cancelled. Hoping we can find a couple of winter markets.
            7 August Honey Pull, Thank you David Storm for your Help

            8 February MIFFs Conference, Another chance to meet and reacquaint with great peoples
Winter wellness Check 50% dead
            Expected Teffy and Lily, Late season hives, not as strong as we like
            Highly Probable, Ooppsey, Brunhilda, Bertha and Eryx, Because of queen Problems
            But Abigail?? Wondering why

            There are a few other things that are possibly, but we are going to keep them to ourselves for a little while longer
           Finally some snow and cooler weather, wet heavy snow, still a little warm.
First hive check of the year: Winter checks are a check to make sure they are alive, were they are at in the hive, replace moisture board if needed, add more sugar if needed. As of this check all ok, except Teffnut. We “adapted her late in the year. She had no stores. Borrowed from other hives that had extra, feed her late into the season. Sadly she did not make it.
            If anyone ask Yes you can get stung in the winter. Tom got stung four times this day.

Filling the Empties:
Teffnut, Freya, Sif and Ooppsseeyy are all empty as I write this. We had bees in Ooppsseeyy, They had queen problems and combined them with other hives, Hope to get them back soon. We keep putting swarms we catch in Freya but they keep leaving. We ordered more bees expecting them to arrive end of June. Those are planned for Teffnut, Freya and Sif.

June 2020
            6 June: 3 Queens ordered, one re queening is still struggling and need some for the Brood Builders
            8 June: Royal Jelly Production Class. Learning to make own queen cells, Took four tries but finally got them to except four of my grafts, using that royal jelly to prime next batch
            13 June: Got 3 new queens. Still have 3 hives queenless. We thought. 2 were queenless, put a new queen in them. Found a new queen in the other, so made a split. New Hive.
            20 June Queen Class, Learned a lot yeah!!!!
            23 June FINALLY, harvested 1.51 grams of Royal Jelly 15 Grafts excepted

22 March Sad day here at the farm. Our little Frankie passed away. He will be greatly missed. So many great memories. Heart breaking at this huge loss, He would be thirteen 1April. 

Still editing,

Sorry for the mess

Sometimes we get the greatest company when in the apiary,

February 2020

May 2020

            1 May: Set up and move apiaries. The apiary we moved was moved about 100 feet. Into a sunnier area and larger to accommodate more hives.
            2 May: Splits, April Swarm removal did not make it. Cluster was to small
            10 May Nursery Started with Cell Builders
            16 May: Swarm Caught
            23 May: Another Swarm, This one is huge,
                        Shallows for comb Started
            30 May: Swarm absconded,
                        Had to re do Shallows, special foundation did not stay in. Trying again, attaching it another way
                        All but three splits confirmed re queen themselves, waiting on those three, Fingers crossed
            30 May Queen Rearing Class, cancelled because of Covid 19

            4 April Package instillation Way to early. Hope it goes well. Installed them into Ooppsey, Brunhilda, Bertha Hives. They were cleaned before, but using the pulled comb will help them along.
                        YouTube Video of installation.
            5April Emergency hive removal from a tree being removed
            8 April WooHoo not all we thought winterkilled are dead. Lily is alive and kicking it! Did a box reversal on, Eryx (queen seen), Daisy, Delphi, Lily. Cindy already in bottom boxes and seen her too.

  So It Begins, Brace yourselves. We have been waiting 4 months for this.

April 2020
            Hive Decorating Party on hold because of Corona Virus, as are some of the classes we signed up for. The on line portions are still going. Just not the hands on. GRRRR!

July 2020
            Looks like we are going to have a great harvest
            Working on pollen collection for next year
            18 July: Double Nuc Workshop, We will start this next year, Learned a lot. Thank you Nick
            26 July: Finish Royal Jelly Production class, Start production next year.
                                     Going to start taking orders in February.
                        We have a limited amount of Cut Comb available
                                    This is our first attempt, it’s not pretty but it is yummy
                        We also have Chunky Honey, Creamed Honey and will be attempting infused honey

My daughter, Jean, painted these shallow boxes for us.

             They are for honey comb production