Kusar Farms LLC

The story of our beginning is a long one with many ups and downs.
Long Story Short

The Unexpected Beekeepers
The Beginning

2009: When we met
            We met the old fashion way, on line. No not on a dating site. We were both a bit of gamers, we happen to play the same game. One evening we were both in the “pub” and started talking. Tom and another player were talking about Blazing Saddles. Listening in I sat there giggling as the other patrons did not understand. After a few months of meeting in this pub we exchanged phone numbers, talked for hours about everything and nothing at all. About a year later we decided to meet. This took some logistics but not much. Tom lived in Chicago and Marie in central Michigan. We have been together ever since.

            Hunting hard for our farm we hit many bumps. The biggest came from USDA. Tom and I are both veterans and I have my degree and over 25 years experience in horticulture. We are not veteran enough to qualify as veterans and I can grow a great tomato but I don’t know how to harvest it. Work my entire life ensuring others dreams (grow their business) still not good enough.
            Knocked back hard, really hard but not giving up

2012: Our Dreams
            As our relationship developed we realized we had similar dreams, Farming. We enjoy going to you pick farms and picking fruit. We learned to make jam. Which everyone loved. Even requesting our “fruit flavored crack jam” This got us to thinking. We created Kusar Farms, started selling our jams, and thinking about our own farm.
            Looking around for land and many considerations we settled in Michigan

2016: Honey Bees
            Tom has talked about having honeybees on our farm. We both read what we could, taking seminars etc. Continuously learning. We met Adam Ingrao (he is now a Dr.) through one of these seminar. He talked to us about Heroes to Hives a program he and his wife Lacey started. He is a veteran who finds solace in his bees and wants to help other veterans. Tom took this intense 9 month program in 2016 I have since taken it. We volunteer to help and have taken more courses through this program. We have altered our dream of our own farm to center around our honeybees. But as we are beekeepers we are farmers. Still looking for that farm.

 2014: We got engaged and the hunt beginnings
            Yes it took a while but we got engaged. When we talked about our rings we decided they needed to represent us, not what was the in thing. We are the normal couple anyways. Gold band, no diamonds, and Tom wanted to pick it out. No problem. One of favorite past times is going to the renaissance fair in Wisconsin. I looked at Tom and said yes any ring you want as long as it is this one. We got mine and his rings that day.